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ng new – The Angular 17 Renaissance

ng new – The Angular 17 Renaissance

Main Speaker:

Kobi Hari



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Daily seminar


John Bryce ECO Tower, Homa Umigdal 29 Tel-Aviv


In the latest versions of Angular (v14 – v17), a revolution is happening. The main target – make angular simpler, reduce the learning curve, while maintaining its elegant structure and best practices. The team has taken some of the most confusing aspects of Angular, such as ModulesReactivity and Dependency Injection, and re-imagined them!

v14 introduced the concept of standalone directives and components. In v15 this feature was taken a few steps further and now you can (and should) write applications without modules.

v14 also introduced the idea of functional dependency injection. This did not seem like a big deal at the time but in v15 it allowed us to create functional guards, interceptors, resolvers, and other structures, which reduced the amount of boilerplate code substantially.

In v16, angular takes advantage of the previous features to introduce *Signals*. A brand-new way to think about reactivity and change detection.

Now, Anguar 17 adds exciting new features such as control flow and deferred templates which make it even more powerful and simple to write and (more importantly) read.

If you are familiar with my seminars, you know that I like to *deep dive* into the features, and welcome tough questions and “improvised demos”. So, join me to get deep into what the angular team calls “The Renaissance of Angular”.

Who Should Attend

Programmers, team leaders, and technology officers who would like to get familiar with the new modern way to develop in Angular.


  • Some familiarity with Angular
  • Some knowledge of RxJS – recommended but optional.

Course Contents

  • Standalone applications
    • Introduction to standalone components and Directives
    • How to bootstrap an application without the main module
    • Routing without modules
    • Importing other features – without modules
  • Dependency Injection
    • Recap of classic dependency Injection
    • The new “inject” function – how does it work anyway?
    • Understanding “Injectable context”
    • Environment injectors
  • Signals
    • Recap on RxJS and the async pipe
    • Using the new signal atoms: “signal”, “computed” and “effect”
    • Is RxJS dead? (hint – Hell NO!)
  • Fresh from the Oven
    • Control flow in v17
    • Deferred templates in v17


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